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Get all the files from UI8

How to get all UI8 files from ui8free

1. What design materials can you get from ui8free?

①. All design files from UI8.

②. Continuous file update service, updated once a week to synchronize the latest files on the official website.

2. How to get all of these materials?

You need to pay $40 / year. You can contact me by:

①. My email address:, you can contact me by send a email. Because of the global time difference, I may not reply in the first time. I will reply you when I see your message.

②. You can chat with me on Telegram:

3. About payment methods:

①. You can pay with Paypal.

②. You can pay with BTC.

4. How to download the file after payment:

①. When you complete the payment, tell me your gmail address, and I will send an email to your mailbox to tell you how to get all the files.

②. File update history:


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