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Get all the files from UI8

UI8 设计素材购买,及获取 UI8 2020 年更新的说明


想要获取 UI8 官网的所有付费设计素材,只需使用微信扫描最下方的二维码,加入 “UI8 设计素材” 这个星球即可。


1、加入知识星球后,可以获得 UI8 官网所有的付费设计素材。

2、加入知识星球后,可以获得 UI8 官网一年(自加入日期开始计算的 1 年时长)的素材更新服务。到期续费后,仍可继续享受更新服务。




1、elements.envato.com 上的一些素材打包。

2、站长购买的一些付费图标:nucleoapp、swifticons、roundicons、Budicons、Iconfinder 等。



目前 UI8 官网收费 $368 美元/年 (折合人民币约 2526 元),加入我们的知识星球,只需支付 199 元/年,即可获得 UI8 素材 1 年的免费更新服务,还有更多其他优质的设计素材分享。加入星球后邀请会你加入 QQ 群,有找不到的素材可以在 QQ 群内反馈,会及时分享文件给你。之后续费为 119 元/年。


For foreign users,how to get all UI8 files from ui8free:

1. What design materials can you get from ui8free?

①. All design files from UI8.

②. Continuous file update service, updated once a week to synchronize the latest files on the official website.

2. How to get all of these materials?

You need to pay $40 / year. You can contact me by:

①. My email address: admin@ui8free.com, you can contact me by send a email. Because of the global time difference, I may not reply in the first time. I will reply you when I see your message.

②. You can chat with me on Telegram:https://t.me/ui8free

3. About payment methods:

①. You can pay with Paypal.

②. You can pay with BTC.

4. How to download the file after payment:

①. When you complete the payment, tell me your gmail address, and I will send an email to your mailbox to tell you how to get all the files.

②. File update history: http://www.ui8free.com/2017/08/20/ui8-update/


  1. All material resources are collected on the Internet. The purpose of sharing is for everyone to learn and refer to. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete in time!
  2. All the material related issues, I have no responsibility, and no obligation to provide technical support of any nature, if you need technical support, please buy the official original material!
  3. All paying users must understand that they do not have any rights to provide downloaded materials and other resources, and the copyright belongs to the original website owner of the material!
  4. No one may steal the resources of the site without explicit permission; you may not copy or copy the planet or create a mirror on a privately established server.
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